Meet the perfect Mailsuite alternative

While Mailsuite offers a broad suite of tools for sales engagement and outreach, SMTP Ghost emerges as a streamlined alternative focused on maximizing the efficiency and deliverability of email campaigns.

It provides a more specialized solution with features like unlimited contact cleaning and automated follow-ups, tailored for users seeking direct integration with Gmail/Google Workspace without the need for extensive sales tools. SMTP Ghost is designed for simplicity and effectiveness in email marketing, making it a compelling choice for those prioritizing email outreach precision


“SMTP Ghost is such a joy to use! Still makes me happy every time.”

Founder of Digital Vue

“I use SMTP Ghost so my customers can easily compare my availability to their own. Making their lives a little easier is a treat I’m happy to pay for.”

CS Financial Services

“My favorite is the personalized links. SMTP Ghost links feel more natural and save everyone time.”

Web Interactive - Digital Agency

Mailsuite is in the business of charging you more.

If your preference leans towards a single price and focused environment for cold email marketing, Mailsuite might not align with your goals. Mailsuite is comprehensive but for those specifically seeking a to pay more the same experience in cold email outreach without distractions, SMTP Ghost stands out.

It's tailored for efficiency in email campaigns, emphasizing a clean, user-centric approach. Choosing SMTP Ghost means opting for an environment dedicated to enhancing the email experience for both senders and recipients, prioritizing deliverability and engagement without the clutter

SMTP Ghost is in the business of providing the best end-user experience in both cold emailing and price to use the software.

A fundamentally different cold email experience

Other Cold Emailing Tools

Force to pay for additional email accounts and contacts to reach out too.

The SMTP Ghost Experience

A beautiful, simple price that gives you everything for one simple price


Unlimited Email Accounts

Add as many email accounts with no per email account fee. Gmail + Google Workspace

Unlimited Sending

Send as many emails as you like. No 200 email limit.

Free Email Warming

Raise your inbox rate and stop landing in spam. We will raise your sender reputation by positively interacting with your emails, every day

Limit emailing frequency

Cap emails sent per day, week, and month.

Unlimited Campaigns & Sequences

Create as many campaigns as you need to keep things organized.

Unlimited Contacts

Uploaded as many contacts as you need for your cold outreach campaigns.

Time zone scheduling

We'll update your time zone for you when you need to send from a different location.

Unlimited List Cleaning

There is no limit on how many contacts you can clean and verify.

Unlimited Team Members

Invite anyone and everyone. No per seat charges.

Email Warming Interface

“SMTP Ghost is better than Hubspot and very good imo. I wrote a sequence 2 months ago that continues to deliver leads”

Peter Rota
Senior Technical SEO Manager

AI Powered Free Email Warming.

With SMTP Ghost, you can warm up an unlimited amount of email accounts without every paying.

With Mailsuite, every email accounts is another charge.

Email Warming Interface

Scale your outreach with unlimited email accounts.

With SMTP Ghost, you can add an unlimited amount of email accounts to avoid hitting the spam folder.

With Mailsuite, you have to pay for each addional account costing you a lot of money.

Email Warming Interface

Make personalization a priority.

With SMTP Ghost, you can create personalized campaigns in seconds to make a great impression while also reducing the steps needed to customize an email.

With Mailsuite, you have to go through the process of having to make sure you have defaults setup.

Email Warming Interface

Instantly manage each accounts sending calendar.

With SMTP Ghost, you can easily setup sending rules for each email account.

Email Warming Interface

Simple Email campaign builder.

With SMTP Ghost, you can quickly make emails to send out with minimal editing in order to increase deliverability.

The email builder in Mailsuite offers numerous options, which can make the setup process seem confusing and time-consuming.

Email Warming Interface

Switch in 15 minutes or less

You shouldn’t have to feel weird about sending out cold emails and reaching out to leads. Switch to SMTP Ghost and people will be complimenting you on the outreach experience. It’s the cold email tool both you and your recipients will love.

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“After I switched to SMTP Ghost, people are complimenting my emails! Thanks for making me look good.”

Mark Phillips
AI Founder

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