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Supercharge your outreach with SMTP Ghost's AI-powered personalization. Our cutting-edge AI crafts tailored messages at scale, saving you countless hours of manual work. Maximize your ROI by automating follow-ups, ensuring inbox delivery, and leveraging data enrichment. No more wasted budget on ineffective campaigns or expensive additional tools - SMTP Ghost is your all-in-one solution for cost-effective, high-converting cold outreach.

Send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and ensure delivery to the inbox (not spam). All you need is a Gmail or Google Workspace account.

Scale personalized outreach with better data enrichment. We help you or your teams implement any outreach idea. First, maximize data coverage with enrichment tools & our AI agent. Then, use AI to craft relevant outreach at scale.

Boost conversion rates with smart analytics and A/B testing. Our advanced tracking tools provide real-time insights into your campaign performance, allowing you to optimize your outreach strategy on the fly. Experiment with different subject lines, content, and send times to discover what resonates best with your audience.

Start with our Free plan to try out the features. Or upgrade to a 60-day free trial with full access to all premium features - no credit card required!

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The All-In-One Toolkit for Cold Outreach

Before SMTP Ghost: Sending cold emails is a hit-or-miss process; follow-ups are manual and time-consuming, delivery often lands in spam, and managing contacts is cumbersome. All this effort and still, the success rate of your outreach is unpredictable. After SMTP Ghost: With just a Gmail or Google Workspace account, streamline your cold email process—automatically clean unlimited contacts, send endless emails, and ensure they hit the inbox, not spam. Follow-ups are automated, making your outreach efficient and effective, leading to higher engagement and responses.

567 users signed up in the last week alone!

Trusted by sales teams and founders at companies, including

Voy Media Netflix Salesforce Fanduel Mint

Send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get real responses

Everything you need to cold email and reach prospects

Startups and businesses across industries—from digital agencies to consultants, educators, and non-profits—have transformed their lead engagement and conversion with our solution. Effortlessly import leads and let our smart automation tailor each message, significantly improving response rates. Our advanced tracking tools allow real-time insights into open rates, click-throughs, and responses, helping you optimize your campaigns for the best results. Switching to SMTP Ghost, like many others, means taking your marketing to new levels of efficiency and success.

Email Follow-ups

✓ Send on day X

✓ When a link is clicked (coming soon)

✓ No reply in X days

✓ No open in X days

Email Accounts

✓ Gmail

✓ Google Workspace

List Cleaning

✓ Validate contact information in real time

✓ Perform bulk validation

✓ Protect your sender reputation

✓ Improve deliverability

Email Warming

✓ Reach more leads & customers

✓ Land in their inboxes, not in spam

✓ Increase deliverability and scale your outreach

✓ 100% Free

✓ 1 CLICK Activation

At-a-Glance Campaign Summary
Start each day informed with a Quick Glance of your ongoing campaigns. Our dashboard simplifies your morning routine by providing a snapshot of your most critical campaign metrics, including name, status, and contact engagement.
Detailed Campaign Insights
Dive deep into the specifics of each campaign. From total emails sent to the number opened, our dashboard breaks down the numbers for you. Understand your campaign's impact at a granular level with detailed insights into email delivery and open rates.
Comprehensive Email Tracking
Keep a pulse on your campaign with real-time updates on emails sent and opened. Our dashboard offers a clear view of your email performance over the last 30 days, ensuring you never miss a beat in your email marketing efforts.

Companies change for the better when they work with SMTP Ghost

“Since integrating SMTP Ghost into our outreach strategy, we've seen a remarkable increase in response rates. Prospects are not just replying; they're engaging. This tool didn't just give us a way to reach out - it gave us a way to connect.”

- VP of Marketing, Voy Media, Arsh Azad

“SMTP Ghost is better than Hubspot and very good imo. I wrote a sequence 2 months ago that continues to deliver leads”

- Senior Technical SEO Manager, Peter Rota

“I'm a freelance designers and setting up my initial outreach campaigns have been a breeze.”

- Designer, Alexis Kim

“We've successfully landed many home cleaning jobs out of 150 emails with minimal effort, making the process highly effective and worthwhile. We're much more efficient.”

- Founder, Maid Sailors, Jacky Xu

Common questions

What is SMTP Ghost?

SMTP Ghost is an cold email tool. We allow you to send emails to leads and it tells you if your emails have been opened or not, and how many times, through its pixel-based tracking system.

Our mission is to improve email cold email communication by integrating seamlessly into your workflow.

How does SMTP Ghost work?

We work by connecting to your Gmail account via SMTP & IMAP the industry standard to send and receive emails.

We use Gmail's app password for security and safety of your account. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/185833?hl=en

Which email provider do you work with? Google Workspace/Gsuite accounts

We currently only connect to Google Workspace/GSuite accounts.

Cold emails that start warm business conversations

With this cold email tool, you possess the power to expand your customer base with precision, efficiency, and scale.